Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Information Design
I was given an assignment to design an information design poster of or artwork that challeges my creativity .
And i was also given to choose one of the three facts for this assignment, I dont have no boundaries in the producing of the poster but I have to be creative, I must communicate visually

The description
of my poster is Information design which is the practice and skill of preparing and display "information so that people can use it with efficiency and effectiveness"
The product is an A2 poster based on the followong facts.

.The typical person breathes 37
000 cubic metres of air in their lifetime.
.Half of those who are kill
ed by bombs are the people who were trying to make or set the bombs.
.100 people a year choke to de
ath on ball point pen.,category,Illu


The USP of the product is on informing the audience aswell as being aesthetically pleasing (information design lead piece) and this is clearly read or interpreted

The USP of competetion will also depend on what he researched about and how he was briefed. however its the same or similar product/service the competitor might try to be better than you or use different modes/formats for his work.

The promise is to look graphically and aesthetically pleasing designed. the information to the audience at this time has to be visually and pleasingly clear.

The understanding of the brand promise for the targeted consumers will be from their satisfactory this is if they got what they where looking for from my presentation.

And they will have the relationship with the product or servise by finding someting in common or same intrests from my product.

This is another example of information design,this shows celebrity's 35 samples in 255 second

This is one of my research work for information design, I think this image demostrates its topic very well as STANDING TALL: Titled human statue of liberty, 18,000 men was used to come up with this information i think this was clever.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009